What can I pay for on NAPE OnlinePAY?.
You can pay for your membership application fees, annual dues, conference and event fees on this portal.
How do I pay on the portal?.
You can start a payment process by clicking on PAY NOW on the top menu or select a payment type on the quick menu on the right hand side.
What cards are acceptable?.
Any Interswitch designated debit/credit card can be used, that is Verve and Naira MasterCards.
In what denominations are the amounts quoted?.
All amounts are quoted in Naira.
What extra charges do I incur by paying fees online?.
You are not surcharged for using this payment platform. No extra charges are incurred.
Where can I find the current NAPE rates?.
Click on 'Fees Schedule' on the quick menu to see the old and new fees schedule.
Can I pay my dues arrears on this payment portal?.
Yes, simply click on 'Annual Dues Payment' on the quick menu, fill in your details and select the year(s) you wish to pay for.
Can I check my payment history?.
Yes, click on TRANSACTIONS or 'Transaction History' on the quick menu, using the same email address, you can retrieve your transaction history on this portal.
Can I manage my payments on this portal?.
Please go to the Members-Only portal, login to your account ro manage your payments till date.
Who can I contact with my questions or complaints?.
All questions, enquiries and complaints should be sent to webpay@nape.org.ng. Please always quote your Transaction ID in your emails.